Integrated development

Dosire has all-round developers that guide you through all the typical stages of a project:

  1. Initial contact, see whether we are a good match for the project
  2. Exploring possibilities, goals, technical considerations and time frame
  3. Specifying your requirements
    1. Initial quotation, to give an idea of where the work is
    2. Adapted quotation, based on your questions and requests for changes
    3. Project confirmation, legal document with all the specifics
  4. Start of development,
  5. Beta website, closed website so you can see what is developed and give feedback
  6. Public website, with continues adaptations based on customer feedback
  7. Evaluation of the project, discuss maintenance and possible next phase

Because the same person works on these stages communication is greatly simplified and we can deliver projects more cost-efficient, with a higher reliability and with a faster turn-around time.