Ruby on Rails

Dosire has extensive experience with the Ruby on Rails web application framework. It automates many features that are common to web applications. The Ruby on Rails homepage is a good starting point to learn more about it.

By automating common features of web applications Ruby on Rails enables:

  • Cost-efficient development, programming typically takes 3 to 5x less time than development without a web framework.
  • Reliable development, Ruby on Rails has testing build-in to discover defects early.
  • Faster development, because programming is faster the project duration is typically half as long.

To see the technical details of how Ruby on Rails enables us to achieve these advantages please view our presentation:

If you would like more information about Ruby on Rails please contact us. We love to give a free presentation to you and your team about the advantages and disadvantages of using Ruby on Rails instead of other languages such as PHP and .NET.