Off-site work

At the start of a project we like to visit the customer to get acquainted and and discuss the possibilities of the project. During realization of the project we mostly work from our location with the use of email and telephone calls. Telephone calls are our preferred method for discussions, explanations and feedback. At the end of a project we like to visit the customer again for the evaluation.

Because we work from our own location we save a lot of transit time and costs. This translated in a substantial saving on our hourly rate. Of course we can always plan a visit or work on-site when the need arises, for example when we train your programming team in the use of Ruby on Rails.

Fixed price projects

We like to finish our projects on time and on budget. To make sure our interest is aligned with the customer we prefer to do our projects for a fixed price. This price is based on the hourly rate and expected numbers of hours. If we go over the expected numbers of hours this is our problem, not the customer problem.

This construction also makes it easier to work from our location since we the customer only has to worry about our output, not the time we spend behind our desk. If there a changes to a project along the way we can mostly incorporate them in the project without affecting the budget.

If there are changes during the project that do affect the budget these will have to wait or must be incorporated in a new offer. In practice the delay of changes has mostly benefits. This is because during the project the priority of changes shifts. After the projects is ended there is a much better view of what changes have the highest priority. And because most projects are completed relatively fast we can start working on a follow-up project within a reasonable time.

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